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Alderac Entertainment Group Spycraft Modern Arms Guide RPG

Item# AEG-1802-Spycraft-Modern-Arms-Guide-RPG-Book-PXW322
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Alderac Entertainment Group Spycraft Modern Arms Guide RPG includes hundreds of cutting edge standard-issue weapons completely described with statistics for use in your Spycraft and other d20 games, including melee weapons, exotics, handguns, rifles, submachineguns, shotguns, explosives, grenade launchers, machineguns, mortars, rocket launchers, and more. Over 50 new types of armor and protective gear for all occasions. Complete rules for every type of gear available in Spycraft - how to use it, how to damage and repair it, how to conceal it, and how to buy it in the field (even when it's not available on the open market). A new prestige class - the Hong Kong gun-fu action movie hero, the Triggerman. A new initiative system that adds tactics to your every move. Dozens of new weapon qualities. Every item has personality separate from the last. Complete masterwork rules for modern weapons and gear. Design or modify your own weapons in the field, or hire someone to do it for you. New movement actions and rules for every mode of firearms use. Gunsmithing and weaponsmithing rules. Rules for morale. With every mission, agents visit R&D to receive the latest superscience has to offer, but what about all the other gear - the guns, the knives, the exotic weapons from every corner of the globe? This way, agent, to the best-stocked armory on the planet. This book introduces hundreds of modern weapons options to the d20 system, bringing the pyrotechnic action of blockbuster movies right to your gaming table. Contained herein is everything you need to requisition, modify, and use your favorite firearms, melee weapons, tactical weapons, and martial arts weapons along with new combat rules to raise your game to a higher caliber!
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