McFarlane Lighted Fishtank Display Case Fish TankZoom

McFarlane Lighted Fishtank Display Case Fish Tank

Item# McFarlane-Fish-Tank-Display-Case-PXWH1
USD $19.99
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This is the famous McFarlane Lighted Fishtank display case. Each fishtank is 12" tall, 8.5" wide and 5.25" deep. Each case has two bulbs (plus a spare), and an on/off switch. The case also has two tabs on the back to mount it on the wall. Powered by 4 AA batteries, not included. The Case will not hold McFarlane 12" figures. Please note: Not all 6" figures will fit. It depends on the size of the figure, accessories and/or base.

Please Note: Item is shrink wrapped, which is open at the bottom.
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