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Living Dead Dolls House of 1000 Corpses Otis and Cindy Set

Item# Living-Dead-Dolls-House-1000-Corpses-Otis-Cindy-Set
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The House of 1000 Corpses Otis and Cindy dolls feature fabric costumes and a fairly extensive array of articulation. Equipped with a lantern, Otis Driftwood is clad in his floor-length, ceremonial red robe. Otis's face is painted like a death's-head. This is the ghoulish appearance Otis donned for the Firefly family Halloween bash. Otis presides over a bizarre ceremony in which hapless bunny suit-clad prisoners are enclosed inside ramshackle coffins and are slowly lowered into the monstrous subterranean laboratory lair of the nefarious Doctor Satan; a tape-recorded incantation is subsequently played, awakening a crowd of muck-indigenous, experiment-spawned zombie men. Ghastly white and clad in an incongruously chirpy-looking uniform, Cindy sports long blonde pigtails, raccoon-like mascara tracks, and red facial slashes. Cindy was one among the group of cheerleaders abducted by the Firefly clan and subjected to a mind-numbing mixture of physical and psychological torture; the cheerleaders are intermittently exposed to the philosophical diatribes of Otis Driftwood and the jovial cruelties of Baby Firefly. Each Doll is 10" tall and articulate.
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