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Victory Games James Bond 007 RPG You Only Live Twice Box Set

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Victory Games James Bond 007 Role Playing In Her Majesty's Secret Service You Only Live Twice Box Set. An adventure for 1 to 4 players, plus gamemaster.

Briefing: A Soviet space laboratory has somehow dropped out of orbit and crashed into the Sea of Japan. Unknown to the rest of the world, an experiment abord the lab has gone out of control. A deadly straing of virus has mtuated inside the lab. If the lab is opened, the virus will escape and decimate the world's population. It is now a race against time to discover who has found the space lab...and to stop them from releasing a plague that will destroy civilization.

Mission: Your search for the fallen space lab takes you through the exotic streets of Tokyo and to the outer islands of Japan. As your investigations proceed, you find there is far more to the mystery than an accident in space. Treachery and deceit await you at every turn. Finally, you must come face-to-face in a showdown to the death with the dreaded Japanese master assassin the Ninja!

The You Only Live Twice Adventure package contains: An illustrated 56-Page Gamemaster's guide With complete instructions on running an adventure, An Agent's briefing dossier from M.I.6 with 8 mission sheets that provide clues and maps for the players, a stand up screen containing a map of Japan and the layout of the major Villain's lair.

For Play with the James Bond 007 Basic RPG Game.

Released in 1984.
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