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I.C.E. Rolemaster & Space Master Time Raiders RPG Book

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I.C.E. Rolemaster & Space Master Time Raiders RPG Book takes on an incredible journey through space and time where eccentric time travelers and haughty time patrollers cross paths from the Big Bang to the end of the universe. In Time Riders you can travel anywhere and anywhen, as a contemporary Freetimer, futuristic technophile or prehistoric time pirate. You can even take on the role of a temporal magician, traveling out of the mists of myth and legend. Gamemasters will find plenty of information on the nature of time travel and the phenomenae that it spawns. Time Riders is full of practical and entertaining information on paradoxes, predestination, timelocks, fating, loops, and other unique time effects. Time Riders includes: Information on time machines and temporal equipment 4 time traveling organisations 24 individual time traveling NPCs 7 complete adventures in the timestream 2 new spell lists for magical time travel Comprehensive timelines of Earth's history Guidelines for integrating Time Riders with many other ICE supplements
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