I.C.E. Shadow World Star Crown Empire & the Sea of Fates RPG ModuleZoom

I.C.E. Shadow World Star Crown Empire & the Sea of Fates RPG Module

Item# ICE-6005-Shadow-Star-Crown-Empire-Sea-Fates-RPG-Module-PXW524
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I.C.E. Shadow World Star Crown Empire & the Sea of Fates RPG Module includes: 8 Adventure Scenarios. 3 In-depth Adventure locations: a powerful Mage's castle, a bandits' hideout, and an island where Lizardmen and Pirates prowl the rocky shores and turbulent waters in search of bounty and blood. 4 Pages of Full-color Maps. Additional Maps of the lands and waters of the Star Crown Empire Detailed View of Borbinak, a trading town where everything is for sale. Descriptions of the History, Rulers, Wars and Wealth that make G'thal a land as real as our own, and ten times more dangerous. Complete Fantasy Hero and Rolemaster Stats and Tables for all NPCs, creatures, Encounters and more.

Star Crown Empire: On the vast and rugged continent of Govon is G'thal, an ancient realm harboring a myriad of wary and volatile races, cultures and creatures. Known to adventurers as the Star Crown Empire, G'thal is composed of desert jungle, mountain and fertile plain. The Empire is home to haughty Elves, mean-spirited Dwarves, short-tempered Centaurs, suspicious Lizardmen of the swamps and thousands of Humans. The eight city-states of G'thal weave tenuous webs of intrigue and alliance, ever fearful of the warlike Trolls, Nomads and inhuman Hordes lurking on their troubled borders. Setting out from Borbinak, a trading town in the heart of the Empire, you can scour the Bola Wastes for gold and booty or head north to the mountains in search of treasure, trouble , and Trolls. As a change of pace, seaworthy adventurers can set sail for Lebyn, a fabled isle where immortality may be for sale.One thing is certain: death is cheaper! Welcome in G'thal! May your travels within the Star Crown Empire be as prosperous and exciting as a pirate's raid upon the Sea of Fates.
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