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I.C.E. Rolemaster Companion V 2nd Edition

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I.C.E. Rolemaster Companion V 2nd Edition includes: Three all-new and unique professions: the Wizard, an unequalled manipulator of the very laws and fundamentals of magic itself; the Maleficant, the prince of terror and the definitive voodoo priest; and the Forcemage, the master of gravity, mag- netism and unbridled force; New character creation options, skills, spell research rules, combat and spell casting options, creatures, treasures, equipment, and rules for determining various materials' intergrity; Over 1,000 new spells, including spells for wish magic, time travel, the earthblood, and new base lists for professions such as Alchemists and Druid; New attack tables for Spell Law and Arms Law; and New critical strike tables for starvation, neurological, isintegration and pure Essence-based attacks. Rolemaster Companion V continues the tradition of previous RMCs by adding game-enhancing optional rules for both the Rolemaster player and Gamemaster. Something for every campaign can be found in this one volume.
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