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Chaotic Series 3 Silent Sands Booster Box

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Chaotic TCG Series 3 Silent Sands Booster Box contains 24 packs with 9 cards per Pack.

In the setting sun, the Conjurors knelt down in the catacombs, focusing their Mugical energies on a single point. The harmony of their chant and the intricate patterns of indgo blue that adorned the room paled in the swirling nexus of the Warbeast. Those who felt a blast wave across the desert, knew its nature; this was the ill omen mentioned in legends of yore - this was the night of the Warbeasts heeded by Silent Sands.

New Creatures, Attacks, Battlegear, Mugic & Location. Everything to good to expect out of Silent Sands. Introduce your army to the new Assimilated Danians, Warbeasts, Conjurors & Chanters creatures that make their way out of the Silent Sands. Be prepaired as Progressive Attacks & Zero-Cost Mugic attacks will render you speechless. All the while, the Mipedian Tribe Silently takes their seat of power.

Battle in both the Real and Digital World with the brand-new card game, Chaotic. Challenges your friends in person and experiance the full extent of table top play. Or enter in each card's special code and play the game online. With the Variable Power Structure system, every creature card is totally unique, and any two creature cards will never be alike. Join Tom and his friends in the Chaotic world.
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