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AMT/ERTL Fiber Optic Lighting Kit

Item# AMT-ERTL-Fiber-Optic-Lighting-Kit-PXW68-PXRH-C79
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AMT/ERTL Fiber Optic Lighting Kit lets you create a lighting application for your model kits. This is the same system used by AMT/ERTL to light such kits as the Star Trek USS Enterprise-D, The Deep Space 9 Space Station and the Star Wars Star Destroyer. The Fiber Optic Kit includes: Over 2000" of Fiber Optic Cable, Assortment of 15 Bulbs (Small, Medium & Large), Battery Pack, Case, Main Power Jack, Slide Switch & Twin Lead Wire, Motorized Micro Drill with Bit, Self-Adhesive Reflective Foil, 2 Light Cups with Caps and Collars, Two Light Channels & 24 Plastic Staples. Instructions Included.
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