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AEG 7th Sea Nations of Theah Eisen RPG Sourcebook

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AEG 7th Sea Nations of Theah Eisen RPG Sourcebook includes detailed descriptions of the geography and political factions of the nation of Eisen, as well as extra rules for character creation. Information on the seven Konigreichen of the Iron Princes, complete with history, background information, and prominent personalities. Advanced rules for Eisen's favorite pastime ~ war. A wealth of new rules: six fighting schools, new dracheneisen items, and the Nibelungen, a secretive order of dracheneisen smiths. Descriptions of some of the deadliest creatures in all of Theah: The Schattenmann, the mighty drachen, and more. Once the mightiest military power in Theah, Eisen has been decimated by the thirty-year War of the Cross, leaving the survivors behind to pick up the pieces and bury the dead. Disease and famine continue to ravage the countryside, while the divided Iron Princes argue among themselves. Worse yet, the death of so many has attracted the attention of horrors thought destroyed centuries ago. Eisen desperately needs a hero ~ someone capable of reuniting the nation before it's too late.
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